Bharat How To Pass CA Exams – Defeat Your Failures By Rajat Mohan Edition 2019


Bharat How To Pass CA Exams Defeat Your Failures By Rajat Mohan

Bharat How To Pass CA Exams Defeat Your Failures By Rajat Mohan


I have no doubts that if this book is read and implemented religiously YOU can get through CA exams ‘EASILY’. This book is a well-prepared mixture of technical & motivational aspects of a student’s life. I advise you to read one chapter daily. Always hold a pen in your hands while you read this book and highlight the points which you find suitable to incorporate in your life. I have also incorporated ‘Self analysis’ section after few chapters; please fill in your answers carefully. After you have read the complete book, revisit the whole book and write your answers to the questions asked in Chapter 38 ‘Self-analysis’. Tear the pages and paste them on your wall.

Seven rules to read this book

  1. Do not jump chapters – Always follow the sequence of chapters
  2. One chapter One day Read only one chapter in a day.
  3. Read in a calm environment — Switch off your mobile phones while reading. Try not to be disturbed by anyone while reading a chapter
  4. Read slowly – Every word of the Chapters will point out your mistakes and can make big difference
  5. Discuss with friends – Discuss the learning’s from this book with your friends, so that you can retain the learning for longer period
  6. Fill self-analysis- always take time to fill self analysis section this is the most important part of the Chapter


  1. Did He Fail?
  2. Is CA a long course?
  3. Young Chaps
  4. Hopeless Without Hope
  5. You are always’ right
  6. Tricks of Time Management
  7. Be Confident
  8. Power of Relaxation
  9. How to Handle ‘Stress
  10. Body Grows OLD’ -Mind becomes Experienced
  11. Quality vs. Quantity
  12. vs. Attitude
  13. Eleven things ICAI Won’t teach you
  14. What we must learn
  15. Hitting CA is a Miracle – Result is Law
  16. Best Books – Notes ? Modules Teacher
  17. Self Study vs. Coaching Classes
  18. An Office Boy
  19. Women power
  20. It does not ‘ matter how much you can eat? – What really matters is how much you can digest
  21. Article ship
  22. Revise! Revise! Revise
  23. Se7en days before Exam ? Final Revision
  24. Examination week
  25. In the .Examination Hall
  26. Cheating or. no Cheating
  27. Tips From one of the Best Instructors
  28. How to write CA Exam
  29. Checklist
  30. ICAI – :Knowledge Bank
  31. Try and Try until you Succeed
  32. Rank 1 Says
  33. Bigwigs
  34. Effects of Social media
  35. Small & Powerful Lessons
  36. You will get IT!!
  37. Self Analysis

About the Author

Rajat Mohan is Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (F.CA) and Fellow Of institute of Company Secretaries of India (F.C.S.) Furthermore, he also has qualified post qualification course of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on ‘Information Systems Audit’ (O.LS.A.). He has authored more than half a dozen books on indirect taxes, GST being his forte with renowned publishers. His views are well respected by media which is the reason that his name is placed regularly in national dailies and top-notch online news portals including Times of India, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Hindu, Live Mint, Hindu Business Line, Business Standard, Bloomberg, Business Today, Financial Express, and various others.

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