Bharat Handbook on Project Reports By R.K. Garg Edition 2023


Bharat Handbook on Project Reports By R.K. Garg Edition 2023

Bharat Handbook on Project Reports By R.K. Garg Edition 2023


Chapter 1       Project and Environmental Analysis —

Chapter 2       Capital Project — Definition, Characteristics                   

Chapter 3       Capital Projects — Opportunities, Classification, Benefits          

Chapter 4       Capital Project Cycle, Stages in Project Execution           

Chapter 5       Detailed Project Report (DPR) — Definition, Preparation, Uses, Auditing       

Chapter 6       Project Preparation — Multi-Functional Skills Required=

Chapter 7       Project Viability                                                                   

Chapter 8       Project Analysis — Commercial Aspects                           

Chapter 9       Project Analysis — Technical Aspects                               

 Chapter 10     Project Analysis — Economic Aspects [Social Cost– Benefit Analysis]  

Chapter 11     Project Analysis — Managerial Aspects [Analysis of Strengths of Managerial Team] 

Chapter 12     Project Analysis — Financial Aspects [Estimation, Viability, and Financing]   


Appendix A   Project Report — Contents and Information

Appendix B    Chart on Commercial Analysis

Appendix C   Determination of Sale Price

Appendix D   Operation Process Flow Chart

Appendix E    Manpower Estimates

Appendix F    Illustrations on Project Network and Time Estimates

Appendix G   Illustrations on Cost of Capital

Appendix H   Illustrations on Time Value of Money, Financial Appraisal of Capital Projects

                         Illustration on analysis of Pollution Control Project

Appendix I     Illustration on Projected Financial Statements and Detailed Financial Appraisal of a Large Project

Appendix J    Example of ‘Consideration of Inflation Factor’ in Project Preparation and Appraisal

Appendix K   Present Value (Table A) (For Annual Discounting)              

Appendix L    Present Value (Table B) (Discounting Stream of Even Cash Flows)

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