Bharat Handbook on Project Reports By R.K. Garg Edition 2023

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Bharat Handbook on Project Reports By R.K. Garg Edition 2023

Bharat Handbook on Project Reports By R.K. Garg Edition 2023


Chapter 1       Project and Environmental Analysis —

Chapter 2       Capital Project — Definition, Characteristics                   

Chapter 3       Capital Projects — Opportunities, Classification, Benefits          

Chapter 4       Capital Project Cycle, Stages in Project Execution           

Chapter 5       Detailed Project Report (DPR) — Definition, Preparation, Uses, Auditing       

Chapter 6       Project Preparation — Multi-Functional Skills Required=

Chapter 7       Project Viability                                                                   

Chapter 8       Project Analysis — Commercial Aspects                           

Chapter 9       Project Analysis — Technical Aspects                               

 Chapter 10     Project Analysis — Economic Aspects [Social Cost– Benefit Analysis]  

Chapter 11     Project Analysis — Managerial Aspects [Analysis of Strengths of Managerial Team] 

Chapter 12     Project Analysis — Financial Aspects [Estimation, Viability, and Financing]   


Appendix A   Project Report — Contents and Information

Appendix B    Chart on Commercial Analysis

Appendix C   Determination of Sale Price

Appendix D   Operation Process Flow Chart

Appendix E    Manpower Estimates

Appendix F    Illustrations on Project Network and Time Estimates

Appendix G   Illustrations on Cost of Capital

Appendix H   Illustrations on Time Value of Money, Financial Appraisal of Capital Projects

                         Illustration on analysis of Pollution Control Project

Appendix I     Illustration on Projected Financial Statements and Detailed Financial Appraisal of a Large Project

Appendix J    Example of ‘Consideration of Inflation Factor’ in Project Preparation and Appraisal

Appendix K   Present Value (Table A) (For Annual Discounting)              

Appendix L    Present Value (Table B) (Discounting Stream of Even Cash Flows)

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