Bharat GST Smart Guide By Ramesh Chandra Jena Edition 2023


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Bharat GST Smart Guide By Ramesh Chandra Jena Edition 2023

Bharat GST Smart Guide By Ramesh Chandra Jena Edition 2023


Chapter 1 GST — Concept & Status

Chapter 2 Constitutional Amendment

Chapter 3 Levy and Collection of Tax

Chapter 4 Time of Supply

Chapter 5 Place of Supply

Chapter 6 Valuation Mechanism

Chapter 7 Input Tax Credit

Chapter 8 Registration

Chapter 9 Non-resident and Casual Taxable Person

Chapter 10 Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes

Chapter 11 Accounts and Records

Chapter 12 Returns under GST

Chapter 13 Payment of Taxes

Chapter 14 Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) under GST Law

Chapter 15 Tax Deduction and Tax Collection at Source

Chapter 16 Refund under GST

Chapter 17 Assessment

Chapter 18 Audit under GST

Chapter 19 Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest

Chapter 20 Demand and Recovery

Chapter 21 Advance Ruling

Chapter 22 Appeals and Revision

Chapter 23 Offence and Penalties

Chapter 24 Anti-Profiteering Measures

Chapter 25 Job Work under GST

Chapter 26 Electronic Way Bill

Chapter 27 Authorised Representatives

Chapter 28 GST Practitioners

Chapter 29 Adjudication Proceeding

Chapter 30 Remedy under Writ Petition to High Court

Chapter 31 Export Promotion Schemes under DGFT

Chapter 32 Imports of Goods and Services

Chapter 33 Export Procedure under GST

Chapter 34 Deemed Exports

Chapter 35 Merchant Exports

Chapter 36 Works Contract Service

Chapter 37 Goods Transport Agency Services

Chapter 38 GST on Education Sectors

Chapter 39 Pure Agent Services

Chapter 40 Intermediary Services

Chapter 41 Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR) Services

Chapter 42 Canteen Services under GST

Chapter 43 Employer-Employee Relationship under GST

Chapter 44 Intellectual Property Right (IPR) under GST

Chapter 45 Actionable Claims under GST

Chapter 46 Liquidated Damages under GST

Chapter 47 Services Supplies to SEZ Unit/Developer of SEZ under GST

Chapter 48 Refund of IGST on Supplies to SEZ Unit/ Developer of SEZ on Payment of IGST

Chapter 49 Levy of GST on “Ocean Freight” under GST

Chapter 50 Taxability of Government Services under GST

Chapter 51 GST Compensation Cess

Chapter 52 GST on Cooperative Housing Societies

Chapter 53 GST on Charitable and Religious Trusts

Chapter 54 GST – MSME

Chapter 55 Taxability of Health Care Services


Important Circulars Topic wise

  1. Procedure for Cancellation of Registration
  2. Valuation Mechanism
  3. Input Tax Credit
  4. Imports of Goods
  5. Refund under GST
  6. Tax Deduction at Source
  7. Job Work under GST
  8. Electronic Way Bill
  9. Export procedure
  10. Taxability of “Tenancy Rights” under GST
  11. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  12. Casual Taxable Person and Recovery of excess Input Tax Credit distributed by an Input Service distributor
  13. GST (Compensation to States) Act, 2017
  14. GST on Education Sectors
  15. Demand and Recovery
  16. E-Invoicing
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