Bharat GST Assessments and Audits By Jigar Doshi, Nikita Maheshwari Edition 2022


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About the Author 

Jigar Doshi :The author CA Jigar Doshi, is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of Indirect Taxation. The tenured experience has allowed witnessing a transition from VAT to Service Tax and then to GST regime. Collecting from these learnings, the book operates from a practical level of how the industry accustoms and how it
should accustom itself to such changes. Having conducted and being on the panel of a Government training platform, it further helps in stepping into the Government’s shoes.Also practicing under other international VAT practices, is a trainer at various forums undertaking seminars for GCC VAT. Further, a holder of
the ‘Young Accountant of the Year’ hosted by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) held in United Kingdom in the year 2019 has created a presence in the international market.

Nikita Maheshwari :The co-author CA Nikita Maheshwari is an indirect tax professional with an extensive experience in Service tax and GST. She has led and executed GST transition for various MNCs in India. She is also an avid reader and technical content writer. Various interactions with tax authorities coupled with a consulting experience of over 8 years have not only provided her with substantial exposure in understanding the Government’s approach towards assessments and audits but also given her an inside-out view of the industry. This book is her endeavour to bring these perspectives together.

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