Bharat Commercial Contracts By R. Kumar Edition June 2020


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Bharat Commercial Contracts By R. Kumar Edition June 2020

Bharat Commercial Contracts By R. Kumar Edition June 2020


If you have ever been in a situation where you had to agree terms with suppliers, customers or collaboration and you have not had a budget to get legal advice, and you had to get the contract done quickly, efficiently and top of your day job of getting the best price, service or solution, you will be familiar with this scenario.
I have had many clients that having found themselves in this position, have tried to do the best they could of course, drafting contract is not their day job so they are not able to recognize the subtleties of the English language or appreciate the risk in saying certain things in one way rather than another


  1. After Sales and Service Agreement
  2. Agreement for Sale of House
  3. Agreement for Sale of Technical Know-How
  4. Agreement for Use of Trade Mark Sub-Lease Agreement
  5. Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis
  6. Agreement to Supply Technical Know-how
  7. Amalgamation Agreement
  8. Annual Computer Maintenance Agreement
  9. Appointment as Sales Organiser
  10. Appointment of Broker for Lease of Property
  11. Asset Purchase Agreement
  12. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
  13. Bank Guarantee
  14. Banking Agreement
  15. Basics of Contract
  16. Broker and a prospective purchaser of property (Agreement)
  17. Building construction agreement between owner and builder
  18. Business Agreement with Agency/Distributors
  19. Business Processing Outsourcing Services Agreement
  20. Civil Works Agreement
  21. Collaboration Agreement
  22. Commercial Agreements
  23. Composition Deed with Creditors Agreement
  24. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property
  25. Consultancy Services Agreement
  26. Consulting Services
  27. Contracts ? Basic Elements
  28. Data Conversion Associate Policy
  29. Deed of Retirement
  30. Development Agreement between the owner and Developer
  31. Digital Marketing Services
  32. Dissolution ? Partner Takes Over Assets and Liabilities Agreement
  33. Engineering, Procurement & Construction Agreement
  34. Escrow Agreement
  35. Financial Agreement
  36. Foreign Collaboration
  37. Foreign Supply Agreement
  38. Freelancer Work
  39. High Sea Sales Agreement
  40. Hire of Machinery Agreement
  41. Hire Purchase Agreement
  42. Hire Purchase Car Agreement
  43. Hotel Operations Agreement
  44. Industry Academic Consulting Services
  45. Initial Investment with Developer under Guaranteed Buy Back Scheme
  46. Installation and Commissioning Agreement
  47. Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
  48. Intellectual Property Ownership Agreement
  49. Intellectual Property Rights
  50. Joint Venture Agreement
  51. Labour Agreement
  52. Lease Agreement for Residential Use
  53. Lease agreement with Bank for Office Premises
  54. Lease Agreements
  55. Leveraged Finance/Structured Finance Agreement
  56. Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
  57. Loan Agreement with Bank
  58. Loan Agreement
  59. Loans-cum-Hypothecation Agreement
  60. Local Purchase Order
  61. Local Supply Agreement
  62. Maintenance Agreement
  63. Memorandum of Understanding???Commercial Projects
  64. Memorandum of Understanding???IT Service
  65. Minor (Admitting) to the Benefits of Partnership Agreement
  66. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  67. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  68. Partnership Agreements
  69. Patent License Agreement
  70. Patent Purchase Agreement
  71. Personal Guarantee Agreement
  72. Power Purchase Agreement
  73. Power Purchase Agreement
  74. Private Equity Confidentiality Agreement
  75. Private Equity Investment Agreement
  76. Project Agreement for the Construction of a Bridge
  77. Promissory Note Agreement
  78. Provident Fund Trust Agreement
  79. Purchase Agreements
  80. Purchase of Company Shares Agreement
  81. Real Estate Construction & Service Contracts
  82. Restructuring ? Merger, Acquisition and Amalgamation
  83. Royalty-Free License Agreement
  84. Sale Associate Agreement
  85. Sale of Business Undertaking as Going Concern Agreement
  86. Scheme of Arrangement Agreement
  87. Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement
  88. Security Deposit Agreement
  89. Sell the Financial Product-Business Associates
  90. Service Agreement
  91. Slump Sale Agreement
  92. Software Licensing Agreement
  93. Spin Off Agreement
  94. Sub-lease Agreement
  95. Surrender of Lease Agreement
  96. Technical Collaboration Agreement
  97. Training Agreement


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