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Bharat CA Foundation Combo All Subjects New Syllabus By Navneet Agrawal , Aman Khedia, Nitin Bhardwaj, Applicable for May 2021 Exam


Bharat CA Foundation Combo All Subjects Navneet Agrawal Aman Khedia

Bharat CA Foundation Combo All Subjects Navneet Agrawal Aman Khedia

Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge

Part 1: Business Economics
Chapter 1
?Nature & Scope of Business Economics Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 2?Basic Problems of an Economy & Role of Price Mechanism Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 3?Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 4?Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 5?Theory of Consumer Behaviour Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 6?Theory of Production Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 7?Theory of Cost Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 8?Meaning & Types of Markets Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 9?Determination of Prices Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 10?Price-Output Determination under Different Market Forms Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 11?Business Cycles Multiple Choice Questions
Part 2: Business and Commercial Knowledge
Chapter 12
?Introduction Business & Commercial Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 13?Business Environment Multiple Choice Questions|
Chapter 14?Government Policies a.k.a. Public Policy
Chapter 15?Organizations Facilitating Business Multiple Choice Questions (Ch. 14 & 15)
Chapter 16?Common Business Terminologies Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 17?Business Organizations Multiple Choice Questions

Principles and Practice of Accounting

Chapter 1?Meaning and Scope of Accounting
Chapter 2?Accounting Principle
Chapter 3?Accounting Equations
Chapter 4?Capital and Revenue
Chapter 5?Contingent Liability and Assets
Chapter 6?Accounting Policies
Chapter 7?Measurement & Valuation
Chapter 8?Accounting Standard, IFRS and IND-AS
Chapter 9?Journal Entry
Chapter 10?Ledger Posting and Trial Balance
Chapter 11?Cash Book
Chapter 12?Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)
Chapter 13?Subsidiary Book
Chapter 14?Rectification of Error
Chapter 15?Concept and Accounting of Depreciation
Chapter 16?Bills of Exchange
Chapter 17?Goods Sold on Return Basis
Chapter 18?Average Due date
Chapter 19?Account Current
Chapter 20?Final Account
Chapter 21?Financial Statement of Not for Profit Organisation
Chapter 22?Inventory Valuation
Chapter 23?Consignment Account
Chapter 24?Partnership ? Distribution of Profit
Chapter 25?Partnership ? Goodwill
Chapter 26?Partnership ? Change in Profit Sharing Ratio
Chapter 27?Partnership ? Admission of a Partner
Chapter 28?Partnership ? Retirement and Death of a Partner
Chapter 29?Issue, Forfeiture and Reissue of Shares
Chapter 30?Issue of Debentures

Business Mathematics, Statistics & Logical Reasoning?

Part A: Business Mathematics
1. Ratio Proportions & Indices
2. Logarithm
3. Equations & Matrices
4. Linear Inequalities
5. Time Value of Money
6. Permutations & Combinations
7. Sequence & Series
8. Set Relations & Function
9. Differential Calculus
10. Integral Calculus

Part B: Statistics
11. Statistical Description of Data
12. Measure of Central Tendency & Dispersion
13. Correlation Analysis
14. Regression Analysis
15. Probability
16. Theoretical Distributions
17. Index Numbers
18. Time Series Analysis

Part C: Logical Reasoning
19. Number Series, Coding and Decoding & Odd Man Out
20. Direction Sense Test
21. Seating Arrangements
22. Blood Relations
23. Syllogism
P-1 Previous Year Question Paper – May-2018
P-2 Previous Year Question Paper – Nov-2018
P-3 Previous Year Question Paper – May-2019
P-4 Previous Year Question Paper – Nov-2019

Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting

Part A: The Indian Contract Act, 1872
Chapter 1?Nature of Contract
Chapter 2?Consideration
Chapter 3?Other Essential Elements of Valid Contract
Chapter 4?Performance of Contract
Chapter 5?Breach of Contract and Remedies
Chapter 6?Contingent & Quasi Contract
Part B: The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Chapter 7?Formation of Contract of Sale
Chapter 8?Conditions and Warranties
Chapter 9?Unpaid Seller
Part C: The Partnership Act, 1932
Chapter 10?General Nature of Partnership
Chapter 11?Relations of Partners
Chapter 12?Registration and Dissolution of Firm
Part D: The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Chapter 13?The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Part E: The Companies Act, 2013
Chapter 14?The Companies Act, 2013
Part F: Business Correspondence and Reporting
Chapter 15?Communication
Chapter 16?Sentences – Types & Vocabulary
Chapter 17?Comprehensive Passage and Note Making
Chapter 18?Introduction to writing
Chapter 19?Formal Letter and Official Communication
Past Exam Question Papers & Suggested Answers
– November 2018
-?May 2019
-?December 2020
Question Bank
One Day Revision Before Exam
MCQs ? For Concept Clarity
Section Segment

About The Author

Mr. Navneet Agrawal?Is Well Known For His Teaching Skill And Using Practical Example For Better Understanding.
He Is Having A Vast Teaching Experience Of Approximately?15 Years.?Currently He Is Teaching?Accountancy, Financial Management And Economics?To The Students Of Various Level Of?CA, CS And CMA.
Teaching Is His Passion And His?Sole MOTTO Is To Deliver Knowledge?Keeping In Mind The Relevant Syllabus.
Navneet Agrawal Writes Books Of Accountancy, Financial Management And Economics For CA, CS And CMA, Which Considering When You Are Reading Makes Perfect Sense.

Prof. Nitin Bhardwaj?is known as a devoted teacher for CA Law having a consistent growth rate and success within a short span of time. His insights into the subject are intriguing and his hold over BUSINESS LAW is unparalleled. His Story Telling Technique is very famous amoung the students. He was a university topper in M.COM & B.COM. He has a good amount of work experience. Precisely, he has been working with numerous institutes as one of the great and highly regarded faculty for 9 years. His way of teaching is unbeatable. He had taught a massive crowd in Delhi.

Aman Khedia

??Have taught more than 1200 students.
??Face to Face classes in Nagpur.
??Through Knowledge of subject gathered while preparing of IIT-JEE at Kota.
??Well known for his explanation, student friendly approch and body language while teaching

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