Bharat Narotam Desai’s A Manual of Legal Maxims Words, Phrases and C. By Narotam Desai Edition 2022

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Bharat A Manual of Legal Maxims Words Phrases By Narotam Desai

Bharat A Manual of Legal Maxims Words Phrases By Narotam Desai


  • A comprehensive and exhaustive collection of Legal Maxims and Latin, French, and Roman terms.
  • All the entries relating to Legal Maxims are authenticated by judgments of the English Courts, Supreme Court of India and High Courts. Further, references have been made to standard works, like Broom’s Legal Maxims, Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, ancient and modern works on Legal Maxims and dictionaries.
  • Legal Maxims interpreted by the Supreme Court of India have been dealt with more extensively.
  • Spellings of Legal Maxims which, in some cases, were previously incorrect have been corrected by referring to various books on Legal Maxims and law dictionaries, like Black’s Law Dictionary and other standards works.
  • In the previous 2nd edition, in most of the cases, citations were provided with reference to volume number and name of law reports. In the 3rd and 4th editions, case names have also been added along with citations of law reports. List of Abbreviations has been corrected and updated.
  • A Table of Cases has also been given. + Case law up to February, 2022 has been noticed.
  • A comprehensive Index to the Maxims, classified under subject headings, has been provided at the end of the book.
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