Basic To Advanced GST Law By CS Kaushal Kumar Agrawal Edition 2023

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Basic To Advanced GST Law By CS K K Agrawal Edition 2023

Basic To Advanced GST Law By CS K K Agrawal Edition 2023

Content of the book

CGST Act, 2017

  1. Concept and Features of Indirect Taxes
  2. Constitution aspects of GST
  3. Overview of GST
  4. Adjustment of Credit
  5. Meaning of Goods or Services
  6. Composite Supply & Mixed Supply
  7. Person
  8. Business
  9. Consideration
  10. Scope of Supply
  11. Schedule I
  12. No Supply – Schedule III and notification
  13. Levy and Collection as per CGST and IGST
  14. Reverse charge on services and goods
  15. Aggregate Turnover
  16. Composition levy and Composition Rules
  17. Registration and Registration Rules
  18. Time of supply of goods
  19. Time of supply of Services
  20. Change in rate of tax
  21. Value of taxable supply
  22. Input Tax Credit and ITC Rules
  23. Tax Invoice, credit and debit notes
  24. Returns and Returns Rules
  25. Payment of tax and Payment of tax rules
  26. GST rate of goods and Services
  27. Schedule I, II and III
  28. Exemption of supply of services
  29. E Way Bill
  30. Special cases
  31. Schedule II
  32. Valuation Rules
  33. Job Work – ITC and Procedures
  34. Input Service Distributor
  35. TDS
  36. TCS
  37. GST Practitioners
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