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Bhara Company Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Kamal Garg
Oakbridge Corporate Law Referencer By Sumit Pahwa
Available on 31st May 2022
Taxmann Tax Practice Manual By Gabhawala Gabhawala
Available on 28th May 2022
Bharat Appeals Revisions Rectifications Faceless Scheme By R.P.Garg
Bharat Law Relating to Insider Trading By K R Chandratre May 2022
Bloomsbury Company Law Procedures Compliances Milind Kasodekar
Taxmann New Law Relating To Reassessment By D.C. Agrawal
Commercial Recovery Proceedings Stay of Demand By Ram Dutt Sharma
Understanding Provisions Prohibition Benami Property Ram Dutt Sharma
Commercial Guide to Tax Deductionat Source Girish Ahuja
Commercial Taxation of Capital Gains By Dr Girish Ahuja Dr Ravi Gupta
Commercial Company Law Ready Referencer By Corporate Professional
Bharat Faceless Assessments Rectifications By R.P. Garg
Bharat Capital Gains (Law & Practice) By Divakar Vijayasarathy
Taxmann Income Computation Disclosures Standards Srinivasan Anand G
Taxmann Taxation of Loans Gifts & Cash Credits Finance 2022
Taxmann GST Works Contract Other Construction Sudipta Bhattacharjee
Taxmann Dispute Resolution Scheme for Small & Medium Taxpayers
Taxmann GST Refunds By Aditya Singhania GST Refunds Taxmann

Taxmann GST Refunds By Aditya Singhania Edition 2022

 1,270 -25%- 25%
Search & Seizure under Income Tax Law By Ram Dutt Sharma
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