Must-Read Books on Direct Tax Law For CA (Final) Candidates

CA Bhanwar Borana is a renowned professor, dedicated at helping future Chartered Accountants with innovative technique and his belief that ‘studies with fun is a great blend which makes the CA candidates achieve their goals with full precision’.

Born at Sirohi, Rajasthan, he followed his dream of being a Chartered Accountant and then moved to his way of imparting knowledge to the young students who aspire to be CAs too. He has been into teaching profession for the past 6 years and achieved to be a core faculty at Incito Academy. He’s always after finding out the hidden confidence and inculcating the strength within his students, helping them to rediscover themselves each new day. He has vast rich experience of teaching ‘Direct Taxes’ to CA (Final) students. Along with being a professor, he is also a great speaker and never leaves a chance of participating in conferences & seminars related to ‘Direct Taxes’.

Following his dream of imparting knowledge encouraged him to publish some quite helpful books on Direct Tax Laws and we’re listing two most useful of them:

Compact by CA Bhanwar Borana

The book compact (CA Bhanwar Borana) is the most useful and easy-to- understand book for the CA (Final) candidates, helping them to understand even the most difficult terms the easiest way possible. This book comes with sufficient examples and covers all aspects of Direct Tax Laws. The additional benefit with the book you get is the explained case laws by CA Bhanwar Borana applicable for May 2017 Exam. Compact (CA Bhanwar Borana) has been read and recommended by the leading experts for those who’re on their mission to crack the CA (final) exam without another attempt. Here are some reasons to give this book a try:

 In this book, the author has beautifully covered amendments made by Finance Act 2016 and also covered all the case laws.

 It is handwritten by an expert, with years of experience in helping CA candidates with amazing results.

 This comes with various case laws relevant for May 2017 exam.

 It is very helpful for last minute revision of whole syllabus.

Compiler by CA Bhanwar Borana

If you are already taking coaching, then reading material along with Practice Manual is going to give you some extra confidence to score better in the CA (final) Direct Tax Law exam. The Compiler (CA Bhanwar Borana) is your guide to self study, offering everything that you might need to get yourself prepared for the rigorous competition. The author has made it total exam oriented and easy to understand with interactive diagram approach. Here’s why to get this one:

 This is a compiler 175 best questions along with answers from past papers.

 Author has made understanding Direct Tax Laws quite easier with Compiler (CA Bhanwar Borana).

 Thousands of students already gained benefit with this.

The above mentioned books are read and recommended by the experts in Direct Tax Laws and hence made their way to the must-read books for CA (Final) candidates.

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