CA Final Books 2017 (Best Reference Books by ICAI Topper)

CA Final Books 2017 (Best Reference Books ICAI Topper Recommended)

CA Final Books 2017 (Best Reference Books ICAI Topper Recommended)

CA Final Books 2017 (Best Reference Books ICAI Topper Recommended)

CA Final Best Reference books by ICAI Recommended Books are updated here. Certain questions like, What are the best recommended books for CA Final students arise often. Few CA Final students study any one book and few others study multiple books for a single subject. We would like to clarify that, this list has been provided only for educational purpose and we do not own any commercial interest.

To solve this issue, We will be providing a complete list of recommended books for CA Final Students.These books were listed out by All India Toppers and Students who scored exemptions in that particular papers.Whenever you read the interview of a topper, you see that they have prepared from Practice Manual at least once.

CA Final Books Recommended by Topper

Books for CA Final Group 1:

Financial reporting (FR):

  1. Sumit L. Sarda (The best)
  2. ICAI Practice Manual

For Accounting Standards – DS Rawat

 Strategic Financial Managemet (SFM):

  1. Rahul Malkhan
  2. S.D.Bala and V.Pattabhiram
  3. A.N. Sridhar


  1. Abhishek Bansal
  2. Vinod Parakh Jain
  3. Surbhi Bhansal

 Corporate and Allied Laws:

  1. Munish Bhandari
  2. Pahduka
  3. ICAI Practice Manual


Books for CA Final Group 2:

Advanced Management Accounting (AMA):

  1. Nitesh Parashar
  2. Padhuka


  1. Sudeep Mangla
  2. Dinesh Madan
  3. Manish Valecha
  4. ICAI Study Material

 Direct Taxes (DT):

  1. Bhanwar Bhorana
  2. Vinod Gupta
  3. T.N.Manoharan
  4. Padhuka

 Indirect Taxes (IDT):

  1. Yogendra Bangar
  2. Mohd.Rafi

CA Final Best Financial Reporting Book 

There are so many books are available in the market and they are very good books available for CA Final Financial Reporting, from authors like MP Vijay Kumar, PC Tulsian, Padhuka etc.

Best Law Book for CA Final

This is the most obvious choice. The book that we recommend and suggested by many students is Munish Bhandari Law Book.

Pros of Munish Bhandari Book (User Review)

  • The books is very comprehensive.
  • The Book gives detailed knowledge on all topicsknowledge one can get from this book.
  • Covers all practical problems of past exams.

Best AMA Book for CA Final

Advanced Management Accounting paper requires students to prepare as many different problems as they could.

The more questions you practice, the better you get at the subject. One such book which offers hundreds of practical problems is from Paduka.

Padhuka is one of the best books available in the market and it should be an outright choice for CA Final Students preparing for AMA Paper.

Best ISCA Book for CA Final

ICAI Practice Manual is the best book for CA Final Information Systems Control and Audit by Sudeep Mangla

There are books available in the market from Private publishers and authors, but Sudeep Mangla stands on the top.

What have seen that, students who have prepared from Practice Manual are scoring very good marks in ISCA.

Best Direct Tax (DT) Book for CA Final

The best book for a CA Final Student preparing for DT Paper is by Vinod Gupta. The book is so well composed, that even students who are doing self study will find the subject very easy.


What we can conclude that, the secret for scoring marks in CA Final is preparing and choosing a best book.

ICAI Practice Manual is the best book suggested by all. Apart from this, CA Final students can refer the books recommended above.

All available books for CA Final Nov 2017

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