Student Friendly Material on Corporate And Allied Laws for CA Final By CA A.K.S. Krishnan Applicable For November 2016 Exam

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key features

  • The book has complete coverage of both corporate and allied laws.
  • In the first page itself I have detailed the weightage,
  • Then, list of notified sections relevant for latest exams
  • Each chapter has full coverage and explanation of provision in simple English.
  • At the end of each chapter one line questions has been incorporated which is past examination, RTP, Practice manual. Once if you can answer it you are done with the chapter.
  • After completion of all chapters in corporate law – kindly see the flow charts and tabular column for Threshold limits, Penalty charts.
  • Then take a look on land mars case laws.
  • Then look into Question paper pattern and how to answer examination question.
  • Then I have given practice questions, Kindly write and see those question.
  • You can watch my you tube videos –  CA AKS Krishnan – On how to write examination question.
  • Then coming to allied laws – I have written allied laws in very simple way. You can understand all the concepts in simple way.
  • After completing allied law – look at the last page and ensure whether you covered all topics.

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