Snow White Direct Tax Laws Summary ( A. Y. 2016-17) By T.N. Manoharan & G.R. Hari Applicable For November 2016 Exam

395 355

Key Features

•    Summary of Key Points of the entire CA Final syllabus is covered for quick revision
•    Frequency table Showing Chapter-Wise Distribution of Marks In the Last 5 CA Final-Direct Tax Laws Examinations
•    Amendments made by Finance Act, 2015 relevant for exams are given as separate chapter
•    The suggested answers for CA Final May 2016 Exams are include
•    Important exam-oriented Supreme Court and High Court case law are discussed in a separate chapter
•    Select Illustrations are provided for better understanding of the concept
•   Important & select questions of CA final exams are included in the respective chapters
•    Model Test Paper is appended to facilitate the testing and evaluation of the presentation skill


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