Shuchita Model Solved Scanner CS Executive Programme Module-I (New Syllabus) Paper-2 Cost and Management Accounting By Prof. Arun Kumar and CS (Dr.) Himanshu Srivastava Applicable For December 2016 Exam


This book is useful for CS Executive Programme Module I Paper 2 on Cost and Management Accounting

  1. •   Uniquely designed MCQ book with ample questions to practice
    •   Examination focused learning tool specially prepared to cater exams from Dec.2016 onwards
    •   Chapter at a Glance containing summary of each chapter in lucid language
    •   Questions covering almost all topics relevant for examination
    •   More than 1200 MCQ’s with answers
    •   Objective questions from past examinations
    •   Practical questions with answers
    •   Smart & tactful means to check the aptitude
    •   A Complete practice diet for the students
    •   A Step to Success in examinations
    •   Question Paper of Last 4 Examination