Shuchita Model Solved Scanner CS Executive Programme Module-2 (New Syllabus) Paper-7 Industrial Labour And General Laws By Dr. Arun Kumar, Garmia Garg, CA. Ankit Jain Applicable For December 2016 Exam


This book is useful for CS Executive Programme Module II Paper VII on Industrial Labour and General Laws

  1. •   Uniquely designed MCQ book with ample questions to practice
    •   Examination focused learning tool specially prepared to cater exams from Dec.2016 onwards
    •   Chapter at a Glance containing summary of each chapter in lucid language
    •   Questions covering almost all topics relevant for examination
    •   More than 1200 MCQ’s with answers
    •   Objective questions from past examinations
    •   Practical questions with answers
    •   Smart & tactful means to check the aptitude
    •   A Complete practice diet for the students
    •   A Step to Success in examinations
    •   Question Paper of Last 4 Examination