LexisNexis Essays Civil Services (Main) Examination By Showick Thorpe Edition 2016

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● Provides introduction to writing good essays with skill-booster tips and techniques
● Introduces ‘Thought Organizers’ as an effective tool for researching and developing essays during the test preparation stage and can also be used as a useful revisionary tool
● Analysis of different writing styles, through multi-essays on single topics that allows you to pick a style that suits your opinion building and writing skills
● Well-toned ‘Essay Bank’ of different topics that have been aligned with the format of the previous year’s papers
● Useful information in the appendices at the end of the book to help you hone your essay writing skills
● Introduces ‘Essay Extensions’ that are margins to be used to jot down research points for building better essays
● 100+ Essays, of which a good number of essay prompts are regularly asked by the UPSC in its various examinations

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