Lexis Nexis A Simplified approach to ACCOUNTING STANDARDS (With Ind AS and the Companies Act, 2013) For (CA/CMA Final) By Prof. Israr Shaikh And Ca. Rajesh Makkar Applicable for November 2016

595 495

Key Features

  • Simple and Lucid presentation of AS and lnd AS
  • Updated till ICAI Notification dated 21-06-2016
  • Including lnd AS-109 Financial Instruments
  • Updated lnd AS covered with problems and Solutions
  • Carve Outs and Carve Ins
  • 400 + Solved Problems on AS and lnd AS
  • Past 28 Exams’ Solved Papers till May2016
  • Detailed theory and practice book on I-GAAP
  • Updated References of Schedule II and Ill
  • ‘Do you know’ boxes to update the knowledge