Hayagrivah Publication Direct Tax Law Quick Insight For CA Final Paper – 7 : Direct Tax Laws By Chakravarthi Murali

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Direct Tax Laws – Quick Insight (Finance Act 2015 Assessment Year 2016 – 2017) is a comprehensive book for professional accountants and students of accountancy. The book offers quick insights into the Indian Finance Act of 2015 for the Assessment year of 2016 to 17, giving readers all they need to know about the act in clear and concise explanations. The book offers readers an overview of the act and helps students understand the vital points so that they will be able to use them in the examination. In addition, the book covers the latest syllabus followed by the final paper of the Chartered Accountancy examination, for paper-7, Direct Tax Laws. It also covers Direct Taxation and Tax Laws and Practices as followed by the C.M.A and C.S. examination papers. The book contains an exhaustive collection of problems for the students to understand the concepts and excel in the examination

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