CCH Internal Auditing & Information Systems Auditing- Comprehensive Guide for Digital Era By Fca V Venkataraman And Ca N Sankara Narayana Pillai Edition 2016

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive and lucid coverage of Internal Audit and Information Systems Audit
  • Practical approach to modern risk based value added auditing
  • Corporate governance, audit committee and expectations from internal audit
  • Thorough grounding on core concepts ofrisk and control
  • In depth coverage of audit processes, planning, tools, and tools/techniques culminating in internal audit engagement walk through
  • Guide to familiarise audit teams on technology- based auditing
  • Checklists for practical auditing of business and Info systems
  • Detailed coverage of internal audit of key operational areas along with practical guidance
  • Provides base IT knowledge for students of CA, CIA, CISA & DISA (ICAI) examinations
  • Concepts and practices discussed are versatile and can be used across various industries.
  • Useful for practitioners (including new) as well as students

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