Book Corporation Cost and Management Audit ( New Course ) by Shri Mohammad sthaf anathan For CMA – Final Edition 2016,

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Salient Features of the Book;

  1. 1. ABC Analysis of Chapters by considering past 20 exams ranked important of each Chapters., 2. It provides very comprehensive analysis of Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules, 2014. 3. Subject matter has been presented in a simple language that could be understood by the students easily. Provided FAQ Question in Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules, 2014 covering,  all previous year questions, RTP’s and other relevant publication of the Institute of, Cost Accountants of India.5.Detailed Chapter wise focus considering weight of Cost Audit Final Exam Pattern to Value Addition, Capital Employed, Ratio analysis and Profit Reconciliation.6.Highlighting important Cost Accounting Standards provision will help students to  understand Cost Accounting Standards concepts.7. Comparative Analysis of CAS will save 1/10’h of Students time in preparing for final Exam.8.FAQ on CAS covering past 10 Exams and RTP’s will gives students an idea of question, pattern and boost confidence level for appearing the Exam. 9. Special Focus and FAQ on Part B Section will help students to score 20 out of 20.

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