Bloomsbury Procedures and Compliance: A Practical Approach to the Companies Act, 2013 by CS Milind Kasodekar & Shilpa Dixit

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Key Features

1. Comprehensive list of forms and applicable rules along with the references of chapters and sections of the

Companies Act, 2013

2. Comprehensive list of fines and penalties-compoundable and non-compoundable

3. Table of applicable fees to be paid to the registrar at the time of registration

4. Chapter-wise elaborate and detailed coverage of:

a. Checkpoints to be considered for various procedural requirements

b. Action points to be taken

c. Procedures to be followed

d. Check lists of applicable forms

5. References of the provisions of secretarial standards issued by the ICSI (SS1 & SS2)

6. Reproduction of relevant sections and rules for ease of reading and reference

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