Aadhyas Indirect Tax Quick referencer cum Compiler by Dr. Yogendra Bangar Dr. Vandana Banga Applicable For November 2016 Exam

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features  of this book

  • Coverage of summary of the important provisions of the Indirect Taxes, under heading“Summarized Points for Revision”;
  • Gist of important case laws including cases reported by ICAI for quick revision on the eve of examination;
  • Coverage of the past questions of CA Final Exams;
  • Coverage of select questions from CS and CWA Examinations;
  • Coverage of select question asked in Revision Test Papers (RTP) of ICAI;
  • Coverage of other additional questions, illustrations, issues and case-laws for detailed study;
  • Topic-wise arrangement of questions;
  • Answers as per law asamended by Finance Act, 2015 and other amendments upto April 30th, 2016;
  • For ideal examination-oriented preparation, marks allotted to the question have been specified along with the past examination questions.
  • Coverage of Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020).
  • CA Final Indirect Tax Laws Suggested Answer May 2016

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