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CONTENTS1. Financial Reporling – Basic Concepts & Accounting Theory2. Financial Reporling – Basic Concepts & Accounting Theory3. Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Companies4. Mutual Funds5. Non-Banking Finance Company6. Merchant Bankers7. Stock and Commodity Market Intermediaries8. Concept of Valuation9. Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets10. Valuation of Intangibles11. Valuation of Liabilities12. Valuation of Shares13. Valuation of BusinessShare Based Payments14. Share Based Payments15. Value Added Statement, EVA, MVA, SVA16. Human Resource Reporting17. Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments18. Corporate Financial Reporting19. Accounting Standards20. Guidance Note21. International Accounting Standards,lnternational Financial Reporting Standards, Their Interpretations And US GAPs-An Overview